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For our little Latin learners

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Consider this a plug for the Bolchazy-Carducci "I Am Reading Latin" series!


We've only been doing Song School Latin very lightly and we're about halfway through. I read Rena Rhinoceros with Becca this morning and she was able to translate simple sentences like Rena est animal infans. Rena est rhinoceros. She picked up cana colore, recognized the phrase when it repeated in the book, and remembered its translation. She was also fascinated when I showed her that the Latin word for (elephant) trunk is proboscidem, like a butterfly's proboscis, and they resemble each other, hence the name.


I'm seriously impressed - this is the first time we've picked up that story book, and I'm just learning Latin myself! :001_huh:



Here's the link to the B-C website: http://www.bolchazy.com/

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Thanks for the recommendation. Along those lines, have you tried Green Eggs and Ham in Latin? Not meant for teaching the same way the B-C ones are, but my kids laughed through it.


Actually, B-C is also the publisher of "Green Eggs and Ham" along with several other Seuss titles, in addition to the readers the originator of the thread mentioned.

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