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Where to find swimsuit fabric?

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Well, I've decided on which pattern to use to make swimsuits for my daughters and myself...but, I'm having a hard time finding material in the stores in our area! Good grief! All they have is solid, boring colors.


Anyhoo...if I end up buying on-line...am I looking for medium to heavy weight lycra? I think the light fabric is not suitable for swimwear. There is a lot to choose from on Ebay...but, just because the seller says it's okay to use as swimwear doesn't mean it's true. Smiles!




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I've gotten great swimwear at fabric.com. Start watching their site closely. They add stuff almost daily.


You really need to fully line swimsuits too--even with little girls and heavier fabric. I didn't do this once when my dd was about 3, and you could see every detail even before the fabric was wet. This was with a bright aqua fabric.


What pattern are you using? Have you seen or used Jalie patterns? I like Kwik Sew for swimwear for my dd (and myself) but also have a couple Jalie patterns I hope to use soon (for her and me). They go from about a little girls size 2 to adult woman's sizing (plus sized too) in the same envelope.

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