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Any thoughts on "Just Write"??

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I taught this a couple of years ago to a co-op class, and I enjoyed it. (We used level 2) It was, compared to some writing programs out there, probably a bit "light". BUT - it served its purpose - (for me)

to introduce writing in an easy fun format. Easy to teach, enjoyable for students. Inexpensive, so that was a bonus!

I wouldn't hesitate to use it again with my younger two kids (ages 8 and 9).


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My only experience was with Write About Me with my then 7yo dd. I loved the book, loved it's simplicity, thought it was fun...it totally bombed with my writing phobic dd:) I think it's a fine program to use for anyone else, though, LOL. Just not my kid...I'm not really sure how to "fix" her. For now, we tag-team write (but I mostly cringe & tear out my hair). Her problem seems to be -

1. can't use personal opinions in her writing (she is too overwhelmed by personal opinions)

2. can't choose (if anything asks her to choose anything, she goes into a frenzy)

3. too perfectionistic about spelling, so this limits her choice of words anyway (as if reasons 1 & 2 weren't enough)

4. I sort of think she may be slightly motor-skills delayed. I just started her on typing, hoping this may remedy some of our problem.


So, as long as you don't have a perfectionistic, afraid to choose, won't share her opinions in writing sort of kid, then I'm sure Just Write is a fine program, LOL.

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