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Dental Question - WWYD?

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Last night my five-year old and my three-year old had a nasty collision and my five-year old knocked his two front teeth out of alignment - they aren't loose (at least from what I can determine) but they are definitely not in the same place they were yesterday at this time.


We are between dentists since January because our old dentist (one-man shop) had to close up because of the economy and he was hired by a corporate dental practice to run their local office - I am not planning on going to that practice. We had a lead on a local dentist whom someone recommended but as none of us are due yet for dental care I hadn't contacted them either.


So this morning, I have called the new dentist - who of course is closed on Fridays! Desperate I called the old dentist's new office and they have some sort of central call processing center - YUCK! During the course of the call I was informed that they won't see patients under 6 and that my local office either opens at 9 or 8 - I'm assuming she was in a different time zone. I'm not thrilled about that choice.


So, what would you do? Do I wait it out until Monday? Do I call the pediatrician? The poor little guy just got up and his upper lip is so swollen I can hardly see the teeth right now.



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Call the pediatrician if you are concerned, esp. about the swelling, but I'll bet he'll be just fine until Monday. Unless the tooth is turning dark colored or there is bleeding, it should be okay to wait. Give him some Motrin for pain and swelling if he needs it.


My son did basically the same thing by falling off a chair and hitting his mouth on the windowsill. I called our dentist's on call line and was told that the teeth can be knocked out of alignment and/or loosened and still "reattach" themselves without intervention. We basically pushed the tooth to approximately the place it should have been and left him alone. It did reset itself just fine, though not exactly where it was before. No discoloration or ongoing problems. Since it was a baby tooth, we are not worried about it's location...it will be replaced soon, anyway. ;)


I'm sorry this happened. It is worrisome, isn't it?

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The new dentist cannot be contacted in an emergency?! I would find someone.



He can be contacted but the answering machine at the office specified that the emergency numbers were only for established patients - which we aren't. I was tempted to try it anyway but we were able to get him an appointment this afternoon at 1:45 with a different dentist that my husband found. I'll try to update later. The kid looks pitiful today but he says it doesn't hurt although when I was doing his reading lesson with him he got to giggling because he kept spitting all over me everytime he hit a word with a "p" - LOL.


Thanks for all the help

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When my daughter was 2, she was walking down a few stairs while drinking with a sipper cup. She fell and caused her two front teeth to move. One front tooth went up half way and turned. Because we were on vacation and didn't know what to do, I called my father who called a dentist. The dentist said to wait and see how the tooth would do. He said more damage could be done if they tried to turn it back to where it should go. He said it could take a couple of weeks before we would know if there was any nerve damage to the tooth. We waited. The tooth finally turned it self back and dropped to where it was before the accident. Now I make sure noone walks and drinks at the same time. Too dangerous.


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