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VP First Favorites users - do you like it?


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I'll be the odd one out. I love the books they use, but didn't care for the workbook stuff at all. Through two kids, I used maybe a third of the workbook pages total -- though we read and enjoyed pretty much all of the books (some of them repeatedly).


I just didn't think the exercises were very interesting, for the most part, the lines for the copywork were never the right size for us, the illustrations weren't very nice... Just "meh" to the whole thing.


So I vote yes, read the books (along with many others), but skip the FF workbook. There's just not much there, there. The copywork was probably the best part, but it was always easier for me to choose paper that was comfortable for my kids and write out a sentence for them to copy.

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well I just got this(came in yesterday infact).. we are behind in reading for our dd so we are just now getting to this. (shes a late reading bloomer) I like the book selections, I like the comprehension questions in there. I do not like the pre-cursive style in there. I will be re-writing all their copywork onto other sheets for her. Other than that.. it looks like a great resource :)

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