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Hi there...I posted an intro on the general board, so just jumping in here.


I'm sorta new, but not to homeschooling...like that makes any sense at all, lol! I pulled my dd, 'Diva' from school half way through grade 3. For the year following, we were 'blended' meaning that we did almost everything according to the provincial standards, followed the same text books, blah blah blah. Ick.


This year, we're still 'blended' but a much happier blend, in that we're not using any provincial materials, but hitting the same outcomes for math, art, phys ed, health, and music. We have the ability to receive some reimbursement, and there's more when you have more subjects aligned than strictly traditional.


Anyways, I'm now becoming braver as a homeschooler, and looking at curriculum. I bought SoW, Unit 2, and love it. Specialmama has ToG and I was over at her place, and it was an instant love at first read too. Of course, there's a HUGE difference in price btwn the 2 programs, and if you read my intro, you know that I was injured at work, and my drs say that its a permanent disability. (Not that Workers Comp agrees though...course not.) So, I'm understandably a wee bit nervous about ToG, despite my initial instant love.


One thing that REALLY appeals to me about ToG is that I have the Littles...Tazzie is 4, and Princess is 2.5, so ToG would absolutely get a full work out with those guys. Diva is in grade 5 by psb standards, so she's got a ways to go there too.


So, I'm throwing myself at the mercy of you folks here who have older kids and have been using either of these programs for several years...pros, cons? Tips, tricks, hints? Anything?


Thanks so much!

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Tapestry of Grace is awesome! Having children that are small, it is very easy to substitute books that you already have or can get from the library. Buying four year-plans, you will not have to purchase curriculum again. It is very costly if you buy the year plan, map aids, lapbook kits, writing aids, and ALL the books. Not so much if you prioritize what you need.




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I would stick with SOTW, but keep TOG on your back burner. Many folks use something else for elementary, but decide on Tapestry for jr./sr. high. Paying the price tag for SOTW now is cheaper than coughing it all up for TOG right now (yes, I know, the longer you use it, the less your cost is overall; but 4yrs. of TOG plus books can be a big chunk of change).

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