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Borax warning for front loaders

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I was just coming to ask about making your own laundry detergent for a front loader and saw this:



I thought I would pass this bit of information along to you all. I have a Kenmore front loading washing machine, I bought it in 2001. I do love the machine, but I have always kept up the extended warranty on it.


During this time, I have had to have the bearings replaced a couple times. Today the repairman was out again and happened to see a box of Borax by my washer. He told me that Borax eats the bearings (or the stuff that packs them in, the techy stuff went over my head) and to never use it even in small amounts.


This is the first time I have heard this. It is not in my owners manual nor have I read it anywhere else. Since my washer is older and one of the first on the market I did ask him if the newer models were any better. He said no.


As it stands now, they do have to replace the bearings again, sub belt, vibration shield, sub shell and basket. The totals on the amount is a little over $1000.00. I am so very thankful I kept up the extended warranty.


The repair man also said to make sure that I only use detergent designed for front loaders. I do comply with that and only used Borax in small amounts maybe one load, once a month. But from here on out I will not use it at all!


I got this from a yahoo group I'm on.

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Snort. When I read this, I thought you said "Botox" and thought that was a strange application for a wrinkle remover;) But thanks for the warning. We will soon be in the market for a new washer and are considering a front loader.


LOL....we must be thinking along the same lines. I, too, thought it said "Botox" but to make matters worse, I was thinking of bOOkshelves when I read "front loader" and thought "If you use Botox, you need to watch what type of bra you wear?!?" Maybe I should just call it a day & go back to bed.



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Umm, this information looks suspicious to me. I've used Borax in each and every load in my front loader for the four years I've had the machine. The only thing that has broken on the machine were the shocks (which do include a kind of bearing) but my repair guy told me that it was because the original ones used by Kenmore on their first machines were made of plastic! (And he showed it to me.) He replaced it with ones made of stronger material and we haven't had trouble since. He told me that they discontinued my model of machine due to the bad design - the new ones out are all made of the stronger materials now.

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