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Please tell: Favorite Science for a 9th grader??

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Conceptual Physics.


My son has repeatedly told me how much more he understood in biology and chemistry because of this course. Makes me wonder if the "Physics First" crowd is onto something.




:iagree: Conceptual Physics was a great first science course for high school for my second daughter. I did it accidentally (LOL) because I'd just done Giancoli Physics with my older dd at the CC, and I was determined not to send my younger dd to the CC without a better Physics understanding (although I think she's not even going to take Physics! Ha!).


I'm going to start my year next year with my 7th/8th grade sciences with a Physical Science unit, and do a physics science project for a demo over the summer. I'm also going to push Physics first for our school's high school program (that is still under construction!).



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Adding onto Jane's thought -- wish we'd saved Biology for 10th grade. Especially using Apologia, with all of the "micro" biology of cells, fungi, the classification system, etc. -- WAAYYY too much memorization on tiny stuff you can't even see plus not very interesting labs really killed the love of science here. Even starting with the "big stuff" -- zoology and anatomy, with more interesting labs (dissection) would have been a much better choice if we had to do Biology in 9th grade again.

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Thanks for all the replies!!

I have 2 questions -


1) Apologia Biology --- does it include specimen dissection and / or microscope work? If so, does everyone go ahead in invest in a microscope and/or dissection materials?


2) I second the question asked by Jennie: Would you still recommend Physics first, even if your child had completed Apologia General Science and Apologia Physical Science? In other words, if your child has already had a decent amount of physical science, would you still recommend high school physics (9th grade) prior to HS Bio, etc?



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