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Conceptual Physics vs. Conceptual Physical Science

Guest Entropic UK

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Guest Entropic UK

Does anyone know precisely what's in Hewitt's 'Conceptual Physics' that's not in Hewitt's 'Conceptual Physical Science'? I mean, they both have a comparable number of pages, but the latter has chapters on geology and astronomy, so I'm assuming it must omit some physics (I'm guessing relativity, but sometimes books include that in cosmology - which is listed as a chapter in 'Physical Science').


Conceptual Physics



Conceptual Physical Science



Thanks. :001_smile:

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Guest Entropic UK
My guess is that the Physical Science is what would be 8th/9th grade in the US and includes chemistry/earth/space as well as forces/motion and including some algebra 1 type math stuff. The Conceptual Physics would be the high school level class, focused exclusively on physics and using higher levels of math.


Thanks for the reply, it's a good guess. Although, I have 'Conceptual Physics', and the maths in it isn't very hard at all (I'm not sure what constitutes Algebra 1) - after all, they books were conceived specifically to teach physics without significant maths knowledge.


FYI I think that is the college edition of the Hewitt book. There was also a high school version.


Yes, the 'Explorations' version? Thanks for the heads-up; I usually buy books above level, though, just to make sure they include all the stuff necessary and for extended work. :)

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I've cut and pasted this from another thread that discussed Hewitt. He has a number of books, but I suspect that the most comprehensive one, as far as Physics is concerned, is the college level one. It doesn't have all the math a future Physics major might need, however.


We have Paul G. Hewitt's:

Conceptual Physics ninth ed ISBN 0-321-05202-1 & the supplementary Practicing Physics (9th ed) ISBN 0-321-05153-X which my brother-the-physicist says should make a good high school Physics course (he teaches Physics at the university level in Canada.) We will include more, but I have a year and a half to get that organized.


We also have: Touch This! Conceptual Physics for Everyone by Paul G. Hewitt, ISBN 0-321-05162-9 which I do not think would make a good high school level course book. We're going to use it for middle school Physics, and/or for a reference book.


EKS wrote this (that's Kai):

The watered down one that I mentioned is Hewitt's Conceptual Physical Science-Explorations. It seems to be an abridged, simplified version of the high school version of Conceptual Physics.


And so there still remains the high school version. I think you want that one, but I don't know the ISBN. My dd will do the college one when she is in grade 10/sophomore.

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