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Can someone compare R&S LA to CLE LA?


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I have used both. I have used R&S 5th and 3rd grade and CLE 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th ,7th and 8th.


First, in regard to content I think they cover the same grammar material. I never progress in R&S past the 5th grade book, but CLE does cover all subject complements, phrases and clauses (participles, gerund, adverb, adjective, etc.), usage, punctuation and capitalization. There is diagramming in CLE, but not 12-15 sentences in each exercise. The children are taught to write paragraphs, do research papers, write friendly letters, etc. Creative writing is emphasized in the 2nd grade book.


We prefer the workbook style. My children can be much more independent with CLE than they were in R&S especially my struggling language student. I still check the work myself instead of leaving it up to them as CLE does with their classroom students.


I am not sure which level you are looking at. Perhaps I could address your questions better if I had a specific grade. Have you seen the scope and sequence? Perhaps that will be helpful.



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Thank you Jennie!!


That helps! I have looked at their scope and sequence. I actually ordered it from their website. I love their Math so much, that I thought we would really enjoy the LA as well.

My daughter is in 1st grade.


Thanks again!

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I would add (though I have only used RS2) - I think CLE has more review built in, less copy type writing and it's a more complete LA program. RS is awesome - but it's grammar, dry and a lot of writing. CLE has grammar, spelling, penmanship, and writing in the lower grades. There is some writing ("write an ending sentence to this story") but not a ton of copying. I am finding my kids can work independently on sections nicely with cle. I think they are about the same for scope and they are both challenging.

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