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Cursive, Pre-Cursive, and Phonics Museum conundrum

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My dd is 5, and will be in K in July when we start our new year. She writes very well in manuscript both upper and lower case.


I bought Phonics Museum K/1 Combo for her.


But I didnt know that it uses Pre-Cursive modern type handwriting.


Can't send it back b/c I opened the puzzle and they would not approve a refund.


My other child, is in second grade, and will be learning cursive.


Phonics Museum really focuses on the writing a lot, integrating it very strongly into the program, and the worksheets are all included and in order for you. No guesswork.


But I think this is stupid for my poor dd. She just learned manuscript, then she would learn pre-cursive and then in another year cursive. :confused:


I would like to just skip the handwriting but it's VERY integrated and would be really annoying to do that. Especially since I find the phonics too slow for her as well. So using PM and skipping hte handwriting is not an option for me.


BUT If I sell PM I am going to lose a LOT of money. People just don't want to shell out 180 bucks for K and first graders.:glare:


However I am thinking of getting the Abeka Phonics, Reading and Writing K with cursive, and get my second grade son the Abeka first grade cursive books and teach them together and kill five birds with one stone.


I have used and like Abeka, so I know I won't have to send that back for any reason...


Should I sell PM and get the Abeka, and lose about 100 bucks, or just use the Phonics Museum and teach her pre-cursive?

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Personally I'd use the Phonics Museum, but of course I am biased because I've taught two of my kids to read with Phonics Museum. Both of my kids liked the program a lot, and they got a lot out of the readers (much more than I expected actually). I'm usually one to use what I have though. I only switch programs if it doesn't work for my children. I have never tried to teach a child who could already print to switch to D'Nealian manuscript though. My children picked up D'Nealian with no problems, but then I was starting from scratch.


You could ignore the D'Nealian and have your daughter complete any writing on the worksheets in traditional manuscript. I know the early lessons have you tracing inside letter mazes, but since those are just handwriting practice you could substitute cheap maunscript handwriting practice worksheets. Later on in the program it has sentences and words to copy or complete and she could just do those in traditional manuscript. I've just been really pleased with Phonics Museum. After trying (unsuccessfully) to teach my dd to read with 100 Easy Lessons, I found Phonics Museum to be very "open and go". The Teacher's Manual had clear instructions and suggested activities. I skipped most of that stuff if things were going smoothly though and focused on the worksheets and books. I personally love the program.

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for the puzzle that you opened? If so, you may be able to return it intact (keep the puzzle that you opened) or sell it as new.


I tried PM with ds 9, then 5, and eventually sold it for many of the reasons you mentioned.


I've read some great reviews, citing experiences like those of the poster above, but it wasn't a good fit for us.

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