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Punctuation/capitalization supplement (worksheets?)


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I am using FLL and PLL with my 8 yo son and I've noticed that he doesn't always know when to punctuate (end a sentence and start another) and also isn't always remembering what should and shouldn't be capitalized.


Are there any workbooks or online resources that are especially useful in supplementing these concepts? Maybe some type of editing worksheets? Maybe I just need to review those sections again in FLL. I am just not sure how to help him.


Thanks so much!

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My ds has been doing the same thing. He knows that all sentences begin with a capital and end with a punctuation mark but does not apply it when he is writing!


Thank you for mentioning the Daily Grams I just check my bookshelf and found the Easy Grammar that we have never used. It looks perfect for extra practice. Is Easy grammar the same as Daily Grams? Anyway it looks great and easy to slip in, not to much writing, more correcting.


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