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I need your favorite literature selections from the Sonlight catalog!

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I was so excited to get my new catalog in the mail on my birthday. What a terrific present. :)


We don't do full Sonlight packages, but I've loved so many of their books and resources. I'd like to purchase more for our collection, but I'm not familiar with many of them. Any favorite books you've read from their selections? (It doesn't matter to me what level or subject!)

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Happy Birthday! :party:

Here are our favs from the cores we've done:


If you have little ones around, or babies to buy presents for, there are some beautiful picture books in P3/4 and P4/5-


Harper Collins Treasury- it's huge but packed full of good stories, my little guy has chosen stories from this over and over again. (Harold and the Purple Crayon, Crictor, Goodnight Moon, George Shrinks, etc.)


Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm and The Year at Maple Hill Farm


Mike Mulligan and More


A Robert McCloskey Collection


The Tall Book of Nursery Tales


The Usborne Flip Flap Body Book


All the books by Robert Wells- Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is? and so on, there are several.


Core K-


James Herriot's Treasury for Children


My Father's Dragon




The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Twenty and Ten


Mary on Horseback


The Light at Tern Rock


Core 1-


Charlotte's Web


Henry Huggins


Homer Price


The Year of Miss Agnes


Understood Betsy


Core 3+4-


Across Five Aprils


Cheaper by the Dozen


Caddie Woodlawn


Johnny Tremain


Carry On, Mr.Bowditch


Moccasin Trail


Miracles on Maple Hill


Little Britches


Walk the World's Rim




The Matchlock Gun


The Great Turkey Walk


The Sign of the Beaver


Sarah, Plain and Tall


Core 6-


The Genevieve Foster books


The Westing Game


A Single Shard


Master Cornhill


The Shakespeare Stealer


Eagle of the Ninth


The Bronze Bow


Catherine Called Birdy


The Great and Terrible Quest


Theras and his Town


Otto of the Silver Hand


The Golden Goblet


Core 7-


The Genevieve Foster books


The Endless Steppe


A Murder for Her Majesty


The Sherwood Ring


The Singing Tree


The Good Master


I am David


Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster


Betsy and the Emperor


The Broken Blade


Homeless Bird


The Iron Peacock


Snow Treasure




Year of Impossible Goodbyes

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Here's some our favorites:

Core K

My Father's Dragon

The Story about Ping

Boxcart Children

Family under the Bridge


Core 1

Charlotte's Web

Henry Higgins

Homer Price

Little Pear

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle


Core 2

Red Sails to Capri

The Minstrel in the Tower

Castle Diary


We're doing Core 2 this year and there's more books to be read.

We love Sonlight.

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Ok, I have all the sonlight books.....my oldest is graduating this year, and we've collected over the years :o). So here are my picks from all the cores:


K: Family under the Bridge

Hundred Dresses

Grandma's attic

My Father's Dragon (extra good)




Detectives in Togas (great mystery)

Homer Price

Mrs Pigglewiggle



And the Word Came with Power (awesome!)

Cricket in Times Square

Ginger Pye

Twenty one Balloons

Betsy & Tacy

McBroom's one acre Farm

The Toothpaste Millionaire



Johnny Tremain

Sign of the Beaver

Sarah Plain and Tall

Mr Revere and I



Cheaper by the Dozen

Caddie Woodlawn

Little Britches

In Search of the Source

Winged Watchman

The Great Turkey Walk (loved it)

The Great Wheel



Daughter of the Mountains

House of Sixty Fathers

The Master puppeteer

Shadow Spinner (A++)

Wolves of Willoughby Chase


Tales of a Korean Grandmother

Ali and the Golden Eagle

Around the World in 80 days



Star of light



God King

Golden Goblet

Otto of the Silver Hand

Second Mrs Giaconda

Westing Game (my oldest dd's all time favorite)

Bronze Bow

Great and Terrible Quest

Hittite Warrier

The Ides of April

Mystery of the Roman Ransom (follow up to Detectives in Togas)

Phantom Tollbooth (all time favorite here)



God's Smuggler

Banner in the Sky

A Murder for Her Majesty (favorite)

Great Expectations (we like Dickens, but ymmv)

The Ghost of Tokaido Inn

I am David

In Search of Honor

Its a Jungle out there (this whole series is fab)



Tom Sawyer

Mixed up Files

My Side of the Mountain

To Kill a Mockingbird



Christmas Carol

Gammage Cup

Mrs Frisby..

Pride and Prejudice

The Shining Company

Screwtape Letters

Treasure Island

The Trumpeter of Krakow



The Great Brain (hilarious!)

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

(confess my daughter is reading most of these herself...we read a couple outloud)



Huck Finn

The Chosen (one of my favorites of all time)

Eternity in their hearts (another favorite)

Shadow of the Almighty.



Sherlock Holmes

Alice in Wonderland

Importance of Being Earnest

Peter Pan


OK, there are obviously some books I haven't read, and they put in some new ones this year....I always go through and try to buy as many new ones that look good as I can.....but those are some of our favorites.


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