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Consumer math book?


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1. BJU & ABeka have textbooks, but they are more "mathy" than "consumery"


2. Alpha Omega has workbooks & you can just buy the topics you want.



3. Here are descriptions I had written about 2 books we used:


We used an AGS book on budgeting. It is my impression that AGS is used by schools for non-college-bound math & such. Therefore, it is more practical & focused on real-life skills. The assignments are fairly easy, as you are working with a "pretend" person and the exact income & expenses are given in the book.


We also used Larry Burkett's Money Matters for Teens, although the assignments in that weren't as easy to work with as the AGS assignments. I believe you were supposed to actually do everything in your own life, rather than having a practice model to work with. There were some good lessons on giving that weren't in the AGS book. (You don't need the "book," only the "workbook.")

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