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Jacobs Algebra-Solutions Guide?

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I thought I read somewhere that there is no solutions guide available for Jacobs Algebra. My dd has finished TT7 and we are beginning Pre-Algebra using Lial's Basic College Mathematics and will work through it all summer. From what I've read here about different Algebra programs, I really think my dd would like the writing style of Jacob's. But....with no solutions guide, I am more than a little nervous about using it.


So, is there any type of solutions guide floating around somewhere? Could a non-mathy mom handle Jacobs without the hand-holding of a soultions guide?


BTW-Thanks to Jann in Tx for recommending Lial's Basic College Math for Pre-Algebra. I bought a sixth edition CHEAP on Amazon and it's just what I was looking for.

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JAcobs does not have a solutions guide, but does have an answer key. I was really scared about this myself when we began. But, Al I is not that difficult, even if you are non-mathy. We found that with the excellent examples and clear instruction in Jacobs that we were always able to figure out where ds had gone wrong in working a problem.


Take courage....it's not as tough as it may seem. We did just fine with Jacobs Al and Geometry. I did appreciate the solutions guide when we hit Al II, but even then they often will leave out or combine steps so you still have to do some figuring out, KWIM?

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I'm doing Jacob's Algebra with my 7th grader here. Each lesson has three sets of problems. Set I is a very, very basic review of the lesson so we skip them. Set II is the meat of the lesson. We do all of set II problems. The answers for Set II are at the back of the book. I feel that Jacob's is so methodical in his lesson that I never felt like I needed a solutions guide. (I did buy a solutions guide for Jacob's geometry, though, for my eldest and am glad that I did!). Set III problems are challenge problems and we just skip those.


Hope this helps!


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