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Can one use Shout stain remover with an HE washer??


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I don't use shout but I do use other stain removers and never had a problem. I have had my LG HE washer for 4 years now and the only thing I make sure of is that I'm using an HE detergent and don't use too much. Even though TIDE (which I don't use) would have you use much more it only take 1oz of detergent to clean a load of laundry here. I have 3 kids ages 8, 6 and 2.5 and the little one can make one dirty load of duds :p

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We are buying a new HE washer, and I've loved my Shout stain remover in the past with my top loader. Just wondering if I can still use it with my new machine? Didn't know how that worked...




be a problem. I use Shout, OxyClean and Fels-Naptha regularly in my HE washer.

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