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College writing curriculum?

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A friend of mine is an assistant professor in chemistry. He is so incredibly frustrated with the lack of writing ability in his SENIORS that he's proposing adding a writing course to the chem department, but he isn't familiar with English department stuff.


I was just wondering if anyone might know of a curriculum (or a few) that might take the average (:001_huh:) 21yo from "This lab sucked" to relatively decent scientific writing.

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There was actually a self-published manual written by one of the professors that I had to buy in the bookstore that covered how to write up a decent lab report. It wasn't super long, maybe 15 pages with appendices that had marked-up reports to show good and bad. I had to pass a quiz on it in my Chem 101 lab. The college I went to required formal, handwritten bound lab books, and most labs even at the freshman level were at least six or so handwritten pages. I wish that I still had one of those bound books to show my own children. It was a lot of work!


Surely there's something out there on internet...

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