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Examples of how guilt can destroy body and soul?

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Hmmm. Does Brittney Spears have guilt?


Most people now a days don't seem to acknowledge their feelings of guilt.


I've known of some mothers who have killed their kids because of guilt - wasn't that Amanda Yates who did that? Am I getting the name right? The one who drowned her kids in the bathtub?


She was psychotic, though. I'm not sure it's the same thing.

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She was psychotic but I remember her "reason" being guilt that she wasn't a good enough mother. But then you get into the chicken and egg thing - did the post-partum psychosis cause the feelings of guilt? Or did excess feelings of guilt lead to psychosis?


Weren't her voices telling her she wasn't good enough, though? That's what I think that I read. Somewhere.


Sheesh. You're probably right. I'm probably misremembering. :confused:

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