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Lively Latin question

Alison in KY

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A lesson, as laid out, is quite long. It takes us about two weeks to finish it. When we started we did whatever it took for 1/2 hour a day. (Vocabulary review plus sually one sheet). I've just moved us up to doing 1 hour a day, including drills for declensions and verbs.


I bought access to the site only. I print off what we need every week. The vocabulary chants are on the site--and we do it from there. I have tried to burn them onto a CD, but my computer likes to throw fits when Iask it to burn anything.



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Lessons could be more accurately labeled, "chapters." Within lessons there are exercises, and those are the bite-size assignments.


It's self-paced, entirely. You do as much work as you can handle in the time you decide to allot. You can do it as many days a week as you want.


We do it daily for about half an hour with an eight-year-old. At that rate, we are finishing a lesson a month.


You can use it as soon as a child can read, up to maybe age thirteen, when I imagine it would be more efficient to start with one of the high school programs and take it slowly.

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How long is a typical lesson and how many days a week do you do the lesson? What age is this for, and is there a pronunciation cd with it?


I have my oldest do one little portion a day, which at this pace will take her a while to finish. I may step it up later, but now I am fine if it takes more than a year to complete. The small lessons portions probably only take her 5-10 mins a day with review of her vocab.


Yes there is pronunciations for both classical and ecclesiastical. You have to download them from the website.




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