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? about ADD/HD meds/ finding the right dose

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We fought the use of meds for years, and finally started two of our dc on meds. 10yo dd started on 18 mg of Concerta at the end of Nov., and a month later we upped it to the next level of 27 mg. It has been working, and we were happy that she was at a low dose. The last 2 weeks, she has seemed like it's not doing much. Today she has been like she was prior to meds, and last week we had some major safety issues, and innapropriate behavior while on a family outing.


Is it typical for the meds to work for a few months, and then stop? Will we constantly be raising the dose? I'm really feeling dejected about all this right now. She has only gotten spelling done today, and 1/2 her math. :crying:

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Have there been any other changes --diet, school break, lack of sleep, illness,etc.? All those can affect kids with ADHD even more than non-ADHD and make it appear that the meds aren't helping. Do you use any supplements like Omega-3's or Zinc? We've had good luck in upping Zinc and Omega-3s.


If all things are the same as always I'd put a call into her Dr. and see if you can try to up the dose or if a booster might do the trick. For us the meds didn't change in a couple months --we did see a need for med increase at different times but for us it was longer than a few months.

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Thanks for the reply! No diet changes but we did take a "spring break" last week while dh was home, and my aunt's funeral was Monday, so maybe that is affecting her. She has an appointment next week, so I'll see how she does between now and then. Thanks again!

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