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need some math advice

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My dd will be ready for Algebra 1 next year. Even though she will be in 8th grade - she will be ready to earn her first high school credit next year.


Math is not easy for her. It is a struggle. She needs lots of review, examples,and instruction. This year we are doing a combination of TT pre-Algebra and LOF.


I need a program I can use for all of high school. I do not want to leap about with different curriculums. I want to get through Algebra 1 and 2, geometry, pre-calculus. If she wants to do more - great- we will do calculus.


So, what is a good, overall program that will not overwhelm or frustrate her? I am not sure "rigorous" is what I am looking for here. She is not interested in engineering or medical fields in college. But, she loves archaeology and science, so I want to give her the math background to go where ever she wants. We will do chemistry, biology and physics in high school. She will need the math to back those up.


So, folks who have gone into high school before us- what do you recommend in this situation???

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Based on what you have written here (and nothing else!), I'd recommend you continue with Teaching Textbooks all the way through PreCalculus. Don't necessarily do "one course per year." Just do one lesson per day, four or five days per week, and then when you finish one, move to the next. If you finish PreCalculus in 10th or 11th grade (which is likely), then repeat with a more rigorous PreCalc text (or "Intro to Calculus" text).


Continue with Life of Fred if she enjoys it, but otherwise just stick to TT the whole way through. If she "fails" a chapter or section, then just repeat it. If you need additional problems (because she's exhausted the ones available in the curriculum and still doesn't understand it) then just post here, and we'll make some up for you. GRIN.



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because of its ease of use and the ability to get all the solutions on the CD-ROM.

The only other thing you could think about would be the MUS that now has all solutions. But I think TT is even more user-friendly, so I would stick with that.

Larissa in NJ

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Yes, this is wise advise. I am seriously looking at MUS again. We used it K-4 so I am familiar with the style. But, I keep hearing here on the boards that it is very light and not considered college prep. Now, off the boards, I am hearing good things about it (and TT).


Thanks for the info!!!

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I like MUS better but that's because my son did TT Geometry and has retained very little of what he learned. We had used MUS up to that point but with all they hype about TT, thought I'd try it. We have used MUS upper math programs with good success. My dd used it all the way through Pre-Calculus and went on to take Calculus in college and was number one in her class. She is better at math than my son but I do think MUS can and does provide a good math background if used with the honors books.

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