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German Homeschool Family in the News

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I don't get it. They're EU citizens, why didn't they just move to the UK? It seems like a lot of trouble to try to get asylum in the US when they have the legal right to move to an English speaking country with reasonable homeschool laws.


I have to admit that was my first thought as well. HSLDA has been a great support to them and has fought hard to assist them in Germany. Perhaps that's the reason?


I wish them the best of luck. That family has been through a lot.

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The old Prussian system lives on. It's the view that if Christians are allowed to homeschool the Muslims will be allowed to do the same thing. The German gov is scared, because the rise of the EurAbia phenomenon.


I posted more on my blog-I hestiate to post it here because it gets political.


I am interested in others thoughts on this.

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I consider the threat of losing my children over a non-abuse issue to be compelling enough for asylum. There are few things more fundamental to being human than the parent-child relationship. Just because worse things happen to other people does not mean that this is not bad enough to warrant protection.


I do not know why they chose to live in the United States and frankly, it's none of my business. They may have family here or friends, or perhaps there was a job here for the father? I'm sure it was a complex decision, and I do not feel it is my place to comment on it when I have no way of knowing all that went into that decision.


I sincerely hope they are able to raise their children in peace, without any further persecution.

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