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Rosacea: If you have it, can you please read?

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Yes, you need to see a dermatologist. It's easy to treat. They might try to sell you on a laser treatment while you're there. That's not necessary, unless you want to do that. They can give you a topical cream and/or an oral medication that should keep it under control.

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Had this during pregnancy and occasional recurrences. My plan has always been to go to a derm and get the prescription and just be done with it, but it's gotten better instead of worse. If it ever got worse, I'd go. My understanding is that treatment is VERY successful. HTH.

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I take care of mine by using a teeeeeeny bit of benzoyl peroxide on the troubled spots, and very little soap. Cutting back on long hot showers and hot drinks helps me. My brother had it more wide-spread and took a course of antibiotics. That helped a lot. Some people get seborrheic dermatitis with this, in their facial folds, chin and forehead and some nizoral can help that. A friend uses the OTC vag creme and swears it is so gentle on the face, everyone should use it.


Also, try not to scratch it. I love my coffee but splash my face with cold water afterwards. And I've backed off the really spicy chili.


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Hi Dawn,


I have Rosacea. My case sounds quite a bit worse than yours, which is good for you. Several years ago I was tired of always getting so flushed in the face and neck, feeling hot and sunburned even though I wasn't and having more pimples and dry skin. Finally, a friend said she thought I might have it so I went to a dermatologist. Yep, pretty moderate case already and I was only about 36 at the time. He immediately put me on steroid creams and prescription stuff.


I stayed on the meds/steroid creams for a few months, but it really bothered me that I would have to remain on those for the rest of my life to "control" my symptoms. I tried looking into natural remedies, although there didin't seem to be too much. At that time I was also tired of my face always looking so bad and started looking into make-up. I ended up trying Sheer Cover which is a completely mineral based make-up. It did all they promised and then some!!!


I cut out all the meds/creams and have only been using the mineral makeup for about 3 years. My face actually starts getting worse if I go more than a few days without the makeup. It responds that well to the minerals. I would highly suggest looking at mineral makeup and trying it out. It's expensive, but it's no more expensive than all the meds/creams and it has worked wonders for me.


This is how I manage my moderate/severe case:


Keep my face shaded from the sun at ALL times! Know that if I am in the wind at all I will have symptoms later.


Use the mineral makeup and the moisturizer that has a 15 SPF in it daily.


Watch what I eat -- at least knowing what will cause a reaction later. Those things for me include red sauces, salsas, tacos, spicy foods, blush or red wine, just about anything in those catagories. It's not that I DON'T eat/drink these things, it's just that I am very aware to not eat too much and to prepare for the effects later that day/night.


Wash my face with a natural cleanser daily.


Even though I'm more of a non-makeup wearing person, I make sure to wear my mineral makeup (and no other kind) at least a majority of the days in a week.


My rosacea definitely still flares up (although mine is always present) at different times of the month. I get more pimples and my face gets drier. I just know this is going to happen and take it as it comes.


Hope this helps. You can email me privately if you'd like anymore info.



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See a derm for a good diagnosis, as others have said. Don't wait, treat it now while it is only redness, if it gets worse without treatment it can leave broken capillaries on your face.


Also, figure out your triggers. Coffee, spicy foods... I personally think that, while some triggers are common, they are unique to each individual. Red wine, opening an oven, cooking over a hot stove, and the wrong skin care products have all triggered outbreaks for me. Also, hormonal shifts can aggravate it.


Lots of water and EFAs are helpful. At the first suspicion that it may be affecting your eyes (discomfort in eyelids), see your ophthalmologist. This does not happen in every person with rosacea, but it is something to be aware of.

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Thanks ladies! I have had a flushed face for years. It looks like I've eaten too much Vitamin A, except it's red, not orange.


It would be hard to limit some of those things. I love coffee, blush wine, red sauces, salsa. I also love hot showers. ugh


I wear mineral makeup, but Everyday Minerals.


Thankfully, being so fair and being allergic to chemical sunscreens, I don't spend much time at all in the sun.


I will call tomorrow. I actually have a dermatologist (he removed a cyst, and I've seen him about moles), so I'll probably go to him.

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