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I can't decide. You guys tell me what to do.


Flip-Flop Spanish or Espanol para los chiquitos?  

  1. 1. Flip-Flop Spanish or Espanol para los chiquitos?

    • Flop-Flop Spanish
    • Espanol para los chiquitos

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So I have put way too much time and anxiety into choosing a Spanish program for my dd, who is extremely excited about starting Spanish.


It has come down, in the end, to this: In the fall we will start using Elementary Spanish, the program you can get through Discovery Streaming, but I am going to purchase it instead of subscribing to DS.


For the summer, I want a nice, fun, light intro for dd. I can't decide between Flip-Flop Spanish and Espanol para los chiquitos. I have flip-flopped and dithered about it for too long and I keep looking at their websites and samples and getting nowhere. And I don't think it matters which one we use.


So, y'all vote. I can't promise I'll use the popular winner, but if one of them wins and I think "Fabulous!" I have my answer. If one wins and I think, "Oh, I don't know about that one," I'll have my answer.



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Wonderful! How much Spanish are the kids learning?




I am fluent in Spanish, I was brought up in a bi-lingual household. But, they really have learned a ton, and I don't really speak any Spanish to them. I really think starting young is the key, doesn't everyone remember the Sesame Street Spanish they would toss in...lol


I think the program is really well done, lessons are short, 20-25 minutes, he (Sr. Morris) does the work page right along with them. And they learn a bunch of songs. We do it 4 times a week, so we have been able to do the 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 in 1 year. 1/2 can really be done 2x's a week if you want it to last first and second grade but, the class really takes up such little time that I have them do it four times a week. The next level is called Spanish Education and that is the 6th grade and up program. When they finish that we will go right into a HS Spanish 1 text, I have been looking at a few so I don't have and rec's for those...yet.

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It's also available for free on the University House channel on Dish Network. You should have that channel on Dish's basic program. You just have to record it yourself.


We watch it via United Streaming now.


Has my son learned Spanish? Well, he doesn't have anyone to speak Spanish with, and that is critical to really learning Spanish. But, yes, I'm pleased with the level at which he can understand Spanish.


We just started So You Really Want to Learn Spanish this year, and so far, it's been simple for him. SYRWTLS moves much faster than Elementary Spanish and covers much more content; so I know it will get hard soon.


But E.S. has given us both a good foundation. Plus it's simple and pleasant. And we do ♥ Senior Morris! He's a wonderful teacher!

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