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Oh brother! My ds is complaining he has strep throat again (still??)

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My 9 ds developed strep throat shortly after my 7 dd's pneumonia cleared up. He had amoxicillin for 10 days, and then 2 days later we went back and he tested positive for strep, so he started on a broad spectrum antibiotic which he took for another 10 days. Now, 3 days later, he says the strep is back AGAIN (and he has a low grade temp). :tongue_smilie:


Anyone experienced with this? What now?! We are scheduled to bring him in tomorrow to get a double swab test done via the nurse (he is not scheduled with the doctor, as this was set up 12 days ago just to make sure the strep has gone away).


Incidently, it sure looked like he had a case of Scarlet Fever that showed up the day after he first started the first round of antibiotics, so maybe this is just one really stubborn case of strep??? Or maybe a family member is a carrier?


Please share with me your experiences with this. We have gone through 3 toothbrushes, as well (BTW)!



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He's a prof. of molecular biology....


"Make sure they use

>the best antibiotic. Our daughter had repeat bouts of strep till we finally

>got the doc to upgrade the antibiotic as they were never completely

>getting rid of the bacteria. Strep will form inactive layers if not

>completely killed and then reactivate when the immune system is less



You might ask your doctor about this.....


HTH, Jackie


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No, we don't have pets, as my ds has lots of allergies.


I have wondered what would've happened if he had gotten a more powerful antibiotic at the very first sign he had strep. Hmm... a molecular biologist... sounds very impressive! I'll have to talk to the doctor about that possibility if I get a chance tomorrow.


Thanks for the ideas!



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