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How to reduce cost of peanut butter?

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We're a real peanut butter family. And it HAS to be Laura Scudders. . . the kind w/ oil on the top that has to be mixed in, that kind.


We tried different brands and dh is adamant: it has to be the Laura Scudders. :glare:


Do you know a recipe for that stuff?


Or a way to buy it cheaply? Costco doesn't carry it. So far it looks like only the most expensive grocery stores carry it.


I'd love to find a way to reduce this part of our food budget. A jar here is almost $6 -- which, basically lasts about a week and a half. Maybe two weeks. I need to watch and pay more attention to how fast we use it.


Thank you for anything!



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Do you get the salted or unsalted? If you are used to one, and try a different brand that's not the type you are used to, it can make a BIG difference in taste. I don't know what the shipping costs would be, but if they aren't bad then you MAY be able to save a bit by ordering a case from Smucker's directly.


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The recipe is peanuts and salt. That's it. You want to steer clear of those with added hydrogenated oils and sugar.


Look to the various natural peanut butters, paying particular attention to the amount of sodium in them as that will dramatically affect the taste. We like our store brand organic natural peanut butter with just a bit of salt (40 mg per serving) and it is $3.69 per pound. Trader Joe's has a natural peanut butter but it has more salt and we don't like it.


Your Laura Scudders has 50 mg if it is organic, 120 if not for the "nutty" version, so you will want to stick with something close to that level to get a similar taste.


If anyone knows of a home peanut grinder that actually works I would like to hear about it, as well as whether you considered it cost effective vs. the $3.69 a lb (cheaper if on sale) that I'm paying now.

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