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Has anyone made a schedule for Chalkdust Pre Calculus?

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My ds (now at college - engineering school) finished CD Precalc, and my dd is about 2/3 through it. I am usually a schedule person, and schedule everything else to the nth degree over the summer for the following school year. The only thing I don't schedule is CD math.


For Precalc I feel a good pace is completing 2 to 2 1/2 sections a week. Chapters 10 and 11 on Analytic Geometry are challenging and may take longer to finish than the others. Each chapter has a test that is treated as a 1-day affair, but the four cumulative tests (for Chs. 1-3, 4-6, 7-10, and 11-12) are twice as long so I allow 2 days.


The book has 13 chapters: P-12. Chapter P is review and can be skipped if the student has a strong background in Algebra (we skipped it). Chapter 12 is on Limits and can be skipped if the student is going directly into CD Calculus (we skipped it/will skip it). The first chapter in CD Calculus is on Limits and is pretty much identical to CD Precalc Chapter 12.


I have found that it can take students about 1 1/2 school years to finish the book. My oldest worked on it in the summer, and my dd will, too. They are both mathy types and have done well with it. I would not want to rush this course as it is foundational for Calculus.


So, even if I had a schedule made up, it might not help you because your student will probably have different circumstances. One thing that I have found is that I really need to keep up with checking and going over missed problems. I had a baby (and twin 3 year olds) when ds was going through it. It was very hard to manage, but I'm glad I didn't hand the checking over to my ds. It was good to have a handle on his understanding. We both were so happy when he finished! My youngest dc are older now, so I am better able to keep up with the checking with my dd. It's going much better.



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