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Anyone know the difference-- Apologia Biology slides from RR


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Apologia Biology Series Prepared Slide Set

Item #: 041186

Grades: 9-Adult

Retail: $24.00

Rainbow Price: $18.95

16 Slides. Amoeba proteus, diatoms, euglena, ascarismitosis, grantia spicules, hydra budding, leaf with veins, onion root tip, paramecium, planarian, ranunculus root, ranunculus stem, spirogyra with conjugation, volvox, Zea Mays root, and Zea Mays stem.


Prepared Slide Set for Exploring Creation with Biology

Item #: 031158

Grades: 9-10

Rainbow Price: $62.00

Sixteen prepared slides are ready for your microscope! These microscopic organisms are mounted between a glass slide and a small cover slip. Your studies of Exploring Creation with Biology will come to life before your eyes as you look at amoeba proteus, euglena, diatoma, ascaris mitosis, grantia spicules, hyrdra budding, leaf, onion tip root, papmecium, planaria, ranunculus root and stem, spirogyra, volox, zea mays root and stem. These slides come in a sturdy plastic storage case to protect them.


Does anyone have one of these and can attest to one being worth $43 more?

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I would call rainbow resource and ask them the difference. They have always been honest with me, and have often helped me to chose the lower priced item.


I do know with some of the slides that I have gotten --the price difference was in the case the slides were contained --wood verse plastic. Also the brand name. The cheaper one may be made by another company put together to use for Apologia and the other one could be produced by or carry the actual Apologia name. I do not have these particular slides but ran across this very issue when buying them for Bob Jones.



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