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Having brownies for dinner - I guess I could use some encouragement!

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I really could use a "hang in there" thread about now. I have had brownies with my homemade chocolate sauce for dinner. Left over pot roast will be dessert :p


Nothing serious going on - knee deep in remodeling - will it ever end???? Typical mid winter homeschool stuff - looking toward the end of the year but planning for next year. "That" time of the month. Lousy Weather. Tiling and painting - yes, the remodeling project that keeps on going.


So, how about a "hang in there!!!

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Enjoy your brownies.


We ate ice cream for lunch a couple of weeks ago because I really needed some. The kids thought Mommy had gone crazy but happily devoured theirs. It really did help. It is hard to be grumpy with chocolate sauce dripping from your chin.


I hope the project gets better.

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Brownies or ice cream or cake for dinner every once in a great while can really lighten the mood and put everything back into perspective. Enjoy!


I find that every once in a while I have one of those days where everything seems bad, but usually after a good nights sleep things look better in the morning. Or at least in a few days.


Hang in there tomorrow is just around the corner and you will feel much better!



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knee deep in remodeling - will it ever end????


Yes. Yes it will. Hang in there Holly! You'll get through it.

I just did. The end result is SOOO worth the horrid stuff you're going through right now (though I refuse to qualify brownies and homemade chocolate sauce as horrid!)

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Well, I don't think there's anything wrong with brownies for dinner; I have them for lunch frequently. They are quite relaxing on a stressful day. Usually the box mixes have an egg in it for protein, and if you drink a glass of milk for calcium, I think it qualifies for a semi well-rounded meal...


I say go for whatever works on those more stressful day(s). We are in the middle of remodeling too. There are many days when I have to keep telling myself, "There will be an end to all of this. There will be an end to all of this." Just know that you are not eating brownies alone. I think I'll go have one (or two) now.

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