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Is doing taxes stressful for anyone else?

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I hate having to do taxes. Dh does them because he's self employed and has all of his information from that. They've gotten easier to do over the years, especially now with the electronic option. It's just a pain, I want them done so I know what we owe and he always drags his feet. Plus I enter all of the financial data in Quicken and sometimes there are mistakes that cause a big headache. I usually try and go through it every few months to make sure everything is entered into the correct category, but mistakes do happen. Anyway, does anyone else hate doing them as much as I do?



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I like a job where I can sit at a desk and work on math problems. Weird but true. However, this year I am not enjoying it at all. I have to file in two states, I started working for myself this year, and dh has had three different employers and two different schools where education expenses are an issue. Can't afford to have someone else do it, so I am using TurboTax. It's helping, but all the little nuances for self-employment and the differneces between our new state and old state are driving me batty. Oh, and I have to file local in our old state and find out if I have to file local here.


I know it will be easier next year. I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I get frustrated this year.

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I used to enjoy it, back in the day when I was teaching in the public school system and dh was a college student.


Now he's a pastor and we've been audited twice (we've always gotten to keep all our money, as they've never found anything wrong when we've been audited), and I absolutely hate it!


Last year we started using a CPA. It's been worth every penny!


I still hate getting everything together, though, and haven't done it yet. My goal is to have it done by March 15 every year (I like having a month's leeway) -- and it seems like I always wait until about March 13th to get started!

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