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Swollen calves

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My husband was just discharged from the hospital yesterday and we noticed his calves swelling. Now his ankles are swollen too. Could very high doses of Prednisone cause this? He does have a pacemaker but was just at his cardiologist last week and was under the care of his pulmonologist yesterday. We do have an appt with a rheumatologist Tues for possible Anklosing Spongolitis. I guess my bottom line is can pred or other meds cause swelling in the calves? Thanks,



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I would be concerned about an embolism.
Since it is both legs, it is unlikely to be a DVT. Prednisone can cause swelling from water retention. You should contact his doctor tomorrow.
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I'm not a doctor but I have been to medical assistant classes. I always learned that you treat everything as important no matter how minor. Definately contact his doctor in the morning. I wouldn't worry too much because I know prednisone does cause swelling but it also depends how long he is on it. If it hasn't been long I wouldn't automatically assume that he would just swell up. Just call your doctor and ask to be seen.

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