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Anyone taking 5 years for HS?

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We are considering it with our oldest son. He's academically on track, but he's a very young sophomore and I worry about his maturity level. A lot of (really, really bright) boys around here are graduating from homeschool when they're 19. In fact, that seems to be some sort of trend. My son will be 17 when he graduates, if he stays on the track he's on now. One 19yo boy, a friend of my son's, is taking 4 AP classes this year and excelling in homeschool sports. It's an academic advantage for him to have taken this extra year.


We have to make the decision before his junior year, I think. That's when we officially turn in a transcript so he can take classes at the community college, and it's also when he would have to register for NCAA (sports) eligibility. There would be no turning back then.


I don't know how it would work in other states. Here in NC it's relatively easy. Nobody keeps up with our records here. It's feasible that someone would check our attendance and immunization records and proof of standardized testing, but those things don't reflect the grade our student is in. That's up to us. It only causes problems once we announce to some other authority what grade he's in. For us, that will happen within the next month.

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If he wants to play golf in college, he will be dealing with NCAA also. The website said that you start the process at the beginning of the junior year to get kids into college sports.


My son is a sophomore. He's a lot more mature than he was last year, and it's difficult to tell if he'll be ready for college by the time he finishes his senior year. They change so much -- each month they seem to grow a little bit more physically and every other way.


I'm trying to get my son to let me know what he wants to do. He has a good friend a year older than he is who will go off to college, leaving my son in high school left behind. I was thinking this would make a difference to him, but then this other boy started talking about taking another year, too! If my son takes the responsibility for the decision, he will deal with the positive or negative aspects better. If I make the decision, I have a feeling it will be the "wrong" one, either way, because I made it.


We seem to be making a lot of decisions lately. Part of the maturation process is having my *son* keep a list of everything that needs to be done and decided for school for next year. I'm trying to train him in that now. This is just one more thing that makes me think that he might not be ready for college in two more years.

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