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Here is some great info to start you off...


http://www.squidoo.com/lapbooking...give you the "ins and outs" as well as linking great sites.


My favorite is www.homeschoolshare.com...LOTS of great FREE lapbooks and unit studies.


some of my favorite lapbooking blogs...








Currclick.com has free lapbooks frequently on the Monday downloads

http://www.handsofachild.com sells lapbooks, but also has a free lapbook available for download every quarter


This should get you started...especially the first two links! :001_smile:

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With lapbooks, I have each child pick a topic usually from the homeschoolshare list or from the ones I already own. Each topic usually takes 2-4 weeks for us to explore (1st & 3rd grade).


I then check out books from the library on the topic and print out the components that we are going to explore.


Each day we do between 1-3 booklets together using the books and the internet to find the answers.


At the end of the unit, we put the lapbook together and take pictures. I post pictures of most of the lapbooks on my blog. If you click on the link in my signature, you will find pictures in the Weekly Check-in or Lapbook bookmarks on the side of my blog.


I also have links to lapbook companies and sites to learn how to make books on your own on my blog.


Good luck.:001_smile:

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We are relatively new to lapbooking. I learned about it at least five years ago, and I wanted to start making them. I even bought Tammy Duby's book, but I still couldn't get started with it. Then I found free lapbooks and the Live & Learn Press lapbooking materials for Apologia elementary. Now we're regularly making lapbooks and lap-n-notes (combination of lapbooking & notebooking).


I started a lapbooking Yahoo Group, and it has hundreds of links to lapbooks, alphabetized by topic. Many of them are free. Anyone interested in lapbooks is invited. If interested, click on the address in my signature.

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I find lapbooks very useful in our house. We have younger kids ages 6, 5, 3, and 19 months. I always find a way to incorporate everyone into the equation of making lapbooks. The older kids might do the writing, the 3 year old the cutting and coloring, and even my 19 month old likes to scribble.


We use lapbooks mostly for unit studies and for my ds3 BFIAR studies. The kids LOVE them and come back to them again and again. I have some samples of lapbooks on our blog along with links, if you are interested. You can find it here.


We also do file folder games, which I use as centers. You can find stuff on them here.


Lapbooking is a great way to wrap up a unit study, a quarter or semester, or any time you want to make learning a bit more hands on. Although I do use lapbooks that I purchase from CurrClick or Hands of a Child, I have recently started making my own. A good reference book for that is The Ulitimate Lap Book Handbook as well as Dinah Zike's Big Book of Books.




Liz in NC

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