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AP World History from PA Homeschoolers - opinions?

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My son took this course last year as a junior. He took U.S. History with Mrs. Richman at the same time. While Mrs. Harrison, the World History teacher, has a much different style than Mrs. Richman ... the website has much less interaction among the students and she is less ebullient and "cheerleaderish" ... my son thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Proof of the pudding was a 5 on the AP test and an 800 on the World History subject test, and this from a student who's not a particularly polished writer and did not have extensive background in world history. My daughter had taken Euro History with Mrs. Harrison previously, so we were prepared for her more formal and exacting teaching style. Personally, I would highly recommend either or both courses ... she is a top-notch teacher who really cares about her students, despite her slightly more intimidating style.


If you want more specifics, I can ask my son.

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As a sophomore it was 214 and as a junior 235 (I don't mind posting those scores ... it was by far his best test :001_smile: ). But I never heard about any minimum score. Certainly, good reading comprehension and the ability to synthesize and analyze information is important; I don't see how a low math score would make much difference, however. As I said, my son is a fairly weak writer. He'd had very little experience writing essays before this class. However, there are just three different types of essays that they need to write, with fairly clear guidelines on each kind. After his first few mediocre attempts, and with Mrs. Harrison's guidance, he was able to master this format well enough to do well on the actual exam. Mrs. Harrison is a tough grader, so your student DOES need to have a thick skin. I remember that my son did horribly on one of the essays for the midterm exam, although he did great on the multiple choice. Mrs. Harrison gave him, as well as some of the other students, a chance to improve their score by rewriting the essay. He wasn't too happy at the time, but eventually he really did learn to do better :001_smile:

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