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Need your thoughts on family room furniture...

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We are shopping for new furniture for our family room. We had a couch and a futon in there. Now, we are thinking of doing one of the following:


1. A leather couch with recliners on both end seats...along with a "regular couch"...which would pretty much replace what we had in there.




2. A sectional and one, separate recliner.


We have been shopping around for 3 days...and, have decided to go with Ethan Allen. The quality is so much better compared to the other stores we have visited.


Any thoughts about sectionals..pros and cons? How about that yummy leather couch with recliners? I know I will be the one "stuck in the middle" making sure that middle cushion gets used!


Thanks for any opinions.


Oh...yes...our room is big enough for the two ideas I mentioned. It's about 15' x 20'.




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I love the idea of two couches. I have a sectional that is HUGE. I love it for its comfort, but that's about it. I'm debating getting rid of it before dh gets back. He loves it because it's great to sleep on. It completely limits furniture arrangement to only one way.


Just my $.02.

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We have two leather sofas, two leather ottomans, and a leather recliner. Would something like that work for you?


I don't like sectionals...they are too big and bulky. I don't like the sofas with the recliners built in, either, which is why we got the two leather ottomans (they have wheels, which makes them easy to move).



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Just be aware that with a sectional, you can't do as much in terms of room arrangement as you can with separate sofas. Also, if you change homes or want to use the furniture in different rooms at any time in the future, you'll have more options with the two sofas than with a sectional.


I do like them both. We just got a large sectional for a media room we created in our basement, but we had to buy the pieces as we wanted them to hook together in the space, so there's no changing around the arrangement of them (due to the metal tab hookups on the sides that connect the pieces).

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