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New baby on the way, need advice!

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Dh and I just recently found out we are expecting, again! This was TOTALLY unexpected, but after recovering from the shock, we are very excited. I know that God is in control. Anyway, I know I have done this many times before, but every pregnancy seems so new all over again. My biggest concern with this one is that I am not in shape like I should be. Does anyone know of any exercises that are safe to do while pregnant that might help tone/build up muscles? Especially mid-section muscles? I was just getting ready to start trying to drop my extra "baby weight" that I have aquired with my other 5 children (30 lbs was the goal), but I guess that will be put on hold now. Is there a way to still, mabye not lose weight, but use the excess that I already have instead of gaining a bunch? If not, I am content to just wait another year. I will also ask my docter these question, but I have yet to set up an appointment, and I'm not a very patient person so I thought I'd ask for info here.


I would also greatly appreciate and tips you could offer for helping school run as smoothly as possible next year. The baby is due at the end of November, so we will already be 3 months into our new school year. How can I best start preparing my children now to mabye be a little more independent in the area of school work?


Thanks so much,

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I don't know about the exercises but I can give a little advice to the organization so your children, in theory:), will still get their work done.


I recently had #7 and for most of the pregnancy was bedridden or unable to do everything.


It helped that I already had a chart set up for each of the children that helped them to know what subjects they needed to do each day. I also employed the help of my older children to help with some of the younger ones' exercises. A chore chart and daily activities list is also a great way to make sure that things on the home front still run smoothly.


I don't know what kind of school year schedule you usually run on but continuing or beginning the next year in the summer may be something you could consider so that you don't fall behind or feel strained if you need to slow down when the baby arrives. I know with each subsequent child it seems to take longer to get back in the routine, or maybe it's just age:tongue_smilie:!


Congratulations and God bless!

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I start every morning in my neighborhood and end every evening with a walk. It's a great way to 'get away' and clear your head. It's a time for prayer, thinking, and reflection. I've not walked as much b/c of the weather, but spring is coming!!!!! I'm ready!



Good luck and congratulations! You will be amazed at how the walking helps you mentally and physically!


God Bless!

Bethany Blizard

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THere is a book on yoga for pregnancy that my sister sent me but I never used it so I don't know how well it works. If you have a curves near you, I started when I was pregnant with my youngest and did it. There were a couple things that they modified for me, but most off it was possible. I did have to have a drs. note that it was safe for me. With my youngest, who was born in Jan., I frontloaded our year so that I could take time off or go easy with school when he was born. We took most of Feb. off except some math and reading and finished off the year with light work. My oldest was 10 and the others were 5 and 7. My 10 and 7 yos could work mostly independent, just needing directions. My 7 yo mostly because she was the kind of kid that would do it herself if it killed her, no matter what it was. Now that she is 9, it is getting tempered with some common sense and comes in really handy when she decides she will do her own laundry :)

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I would look for a good prenatal pilates video (sorry I don't have one to recommend, the one I tried when I was pg was terrible). Also, you may want to look into a Bradley class or bradley-based childbirth book. They do a lot of stretches, exercises, etc. to prepare your body for childbirth, and a lot of these could be incorporated into your exercise routine.


Oh, and congrats!! :001_smile:

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Thank you all for the advice. It has been very helpful.



I know you can walk as much as you want, do yoga and maybe some pilaties.


For school I like to get all of my MFW photocopies done ahead of time and if you have the money you might chose to purchase a few of the book basket books that you would be using Nov - Jan or so. That way you can skip the library.


Make photo copies of the weekly assignment grid for you big kids so they can see what is expected. Teach them to read it and use it, even if you are not avalible at that moment.


My kids each have a weekly binder and it has a lot of individual work in it so that if they ever have to wait on me, they can do those activities while waiting. I cut up workbooks for spelling, logic, Latin, math drill exc. so I can put the pages into their binders.


Do you have a baby sling? That was my lifesaver! Also, a bin of games and activities that the 2 yo can play is great. Paula's Archives has a ton of these kinds of ideas for preschoolers.


Thanks for the tip about having all my MFW photo copies done ahead of time. I hadn't even thought of that, but it will save a lot of time if they are already done and I just have to pull them out every day/week.

I will also begin working on school and chore charts for my older children. I think that we will really benefit from this.

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I had my last daughter when I was 38. I was already overweight and a bit out of shape when I got pregnant with her. I was determined not to gain too much weight during the pregnancy and to try to tone up a bit. I walked and did simple floor exercises for my back and abs - nothing strenuous at all - just ordinary stretches, crunches, leg lifts etc. I also ate very healthy, but didn't count calories and ate whenever I was hungry. I only gained about 8 lbs my entire pregnancy. The Dr. was fine with it since he knew what I was doing. I didn't TRY to loose fat. I just tried to live as healthy as I could. It had been 10 years since my last birth and I was petrified. I was afraid I would not be strong enough to push her out. Well, I was, it went great and even with an epidural, I pushed like a trooper and she was out in 10 minutes. She was 8 lbs 11 oz and very healthy. You'll do great! Don't worry, you can do it!

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