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Fundraising monies for teams & groups: How does it work for your kids' activities?

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Here is our situation:


My son's hockey runs from Sept. thru March. His entire hockey bill had to be paid before Sept. 1st ($1400). I think this is wrong b/c not all of the money is used right away...it is paid out as bills come up. This is the only team he has been on that works like this. Usually, you put a deposit down when you make the team in the spring and start paying in Sept. Most teams want you paid by December but you can talk to them if you need more time.


So this is why I think it is wrong:


The team doesn't start fundraising until the season starts. I paid the $1400, then sold close to $500 worth of raffle tickets in October & November. I still haven't received that fundraising money! The manager put the fundraiser in the team's budget and the fundraising money won't be dispersed until the budget is "closed." And it won't be closed until at earliest, April 1st.


That is OUR MONEY. They have had it since NOVEMBER!


I think it never should have been put in the team's budget b/c it had nothing to do with paying the bills the team owes. On other teams, we collected the fundraising money, gave the team their portion and then kept our portion, immediately. So in this case, we'd have turned in the team's portion in November and kept our portion.


And to make it worse, the manager STILL hasn't told us how much the team is getting per ticket. So I am picturing getting a check in April and having to cash it in a few days so they can close the account. So there will be no recourse if the manager made a mistake, b/c the budget will be closed!




Can anyone explain to me WHY this is like this? The manager couldn't/wouldn't explain WHY it is done like this...only that this is how it is done. Then he added, "And I am just fine with it."

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Thanks, Tracey. We love many aspects of the team but this aspect just rankles. Plus, as a goalie, my son wouldn't have much luck just showing up at another tryout. At his level, goalies are pretty locked into the teams around here.


Can anyone else explain how their kids' fundraising works?


Is there anyone else whose monies weren't returned until the season was over, even though you had already paid your bill months ahead of time?

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