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Help me pick ...

Amber in AUS

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a resource for composer/classical familiarisation/study.


Bad I know but we don't own ANY classical music! So I need to find a resource that will give us some info on composers, orchestras, classical music etc. Oh, and i also need some music :D I have narrowed the search to the following -


Story of the Orchestra


Lives of the Musicians


Meet the Great Composers Book 1


They all seem to have good reviews. So which one would you choose and why? Please keep in mind my kiddo's are little but keen so I really just want an intro/overview so that we can cycle back through later and go into more depth then if they want to. Perhaps there is something else you would suggest more appropriate?? I am all :bigear:

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You might not need to do any formal studies at this point, just give your kids an appreciation for classical music. What worked for us is to just turn on the classical music radio station. We don't have it on all day, but Ariel likes it a lot, in fact, when Ariel was 3, my mom changed the station to play oldies and Ariel said "Put it back. That's not music!" :lol: She still prefers classical to other types.

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Since your kids are young, I would instead get (check your library!) the "Classical Kids" CDs. Each one has a dramatized story about a particular composer, paired with lots of excerpts of his music. So "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" tells the story of Beethoven from the perspective of a young boy whose family rents rooms to Beethoven, and throughout the story, you'll hear pieces of his music.


I'm also a fan of the "Themes to Remember" books from Classical Magic. Your kids will learn to recognize the major themes from important pieces of classical music. Then check your library (or just listen to a really great classical radio station), and as your kids hear familiar pieces, they'll think they've just come across an old friend. It's a great way to introduce important pieces (and the composers who wrote them -- TtR comes with a CD and a book that tells you about the composers and introduces some basic musical vocabulary), and then your kids will thrill to hear those pieces in more complete forms as well...


I would save those other resources for when your kids are a little older.

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