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You know what I miss?

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My kids in the elementary stage. Yes, they are growing and becoming interesting in new and different ways, but I really really miss the fun school days. I miss...


pattern blocks

counting frogs

simple colorful workbooks

reading stories aloud (they've totally lost interest)

number lines made of masking tape on the floor

handwriting with crayons and shaving cream

M&M math

short easy books that made my kids eyes light up (like magic tree house and berenstain bears)


Middle and High School are a whole different ballgame. *sigh* I'm not enjoying homeschooling or even parenting anymore like I used to. I still love my kids and think they are super great! But I don't feel like a mommy anymore. I'm a mother now. That's a HUGE difference.

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Me, too, Beth. I miss it a lot. I love to peek in on the K-8 curric. board and read about kids learning to read, learning to do math, etc. Those days were just the most fun!


I love having five teens, but things are different. I miss those early days. They were wonderful!



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Oh yes! That would be me. However, at the time I was so stressed about the pressure to teach the guys to read and whether or not we were getting enough hours in for Kindergarten I now realize I wasn't just enjoying it enough. I wish I had just leaned back and enjoyed more often. I was so scared I would teach them how to read incorrectly or write wrong and they'd be scarred for life! LOL


One good thing out of it is that I now know that for my up and coming 2 yr old and will enjoy it much more. Also, I try to enjoy 7th and 5th grade more rather than be TOO stressed. It's important, no doubt, but it's also a moment we'll never be able to come back to.

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