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Please, please help with terrible laundry question -- desperate

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I am in tears right now! My hubby has NEVER bought be a nightgown in over 14 years together. At least not until a couple days ago for my 40th birthday. He actually went and picked it out himself. It is very pretty and I really love it. I wore it last night for the first time. Here is why I am crying. . .


I polished my fingernails in my bathroom earlier. I just went in and grabbed the polish to put it away and the lid wasn't on tight. It fell out of my hand and went flying across my bathroom floor. RED fingernail polish. I got it off my floor, but it splattered up all over my white robe and onto MY NEW NIGHTGOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seriously looks like something terrible happened in my bathroom and blood spattered. I told my kids it would be better for me if it was blood because I would have more hope of getting it out!


Do any of you wonderful laundry experts have ANY idea if there is ANY way to get red fingernail polish out of clothing. I am beside myself (okay, not really, but really, really upset).

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I would buy a new nightgown.


I just did the exact same thing! I dumped nail polish on my bathroom floor (carpet) and my favorite pants. I tried nail polish, but it didn't come close to getting rid of it. I threw away the pants and since I've been wanting to get rid of the carpet anyway, I don't feel too bad about that.

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Guest Katia

Ok, this is going to sound weird, but it is worth a try.


A good friend of ours owns and runs the local funeral home. A lot of times families bring in their loved-one's favorite outfit to be buried in, but it has stains on it because they don't have time to sent the outfit to the cleaner.


What he uses, and he has 99% success rate....is just a teeny, tiny bit of lighter fluid. He uses a cloth, dabs on a bit of the lighter fluid and then, on a hard surface with an absorbent towel under the spot, he gently rubs the spot...and it disappears. He uses a dry cloth to dab up and dry it off.


I took one of my dd's formal gowns to him for help. It had some really weird spots on it, and they came right off. Dh has used this successfully on ties which are very difficult to clean.


It couldn't hurt to try, right?

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