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What is the Difference Between the I See Sam books and Pearsons QuickReads?

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Which did you use and why? What are the strength and weaknesses of each?


My DS8 just finished with his tutor using Phono-Graphix Support book for Older Readers. DS still is reading at a 2nd grade level, but still needs more help IMHO. I've wanted to continue with ABeCeDarian but have gotten conflicting advice about what to do. Both I See Sam and Pearson's QuickReads have been recommended.


Any thoughts? They both look terrific.



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I don't know anything about the QuickReads so I can't comment on those.


I have used the I See Sam readers for several years.


Have you seen the samples at http://www.piperbooks.co.uk/index.htm? Likely you would start with ARI 2 or 3. You could have your son read the samples for each level and see how he does with them.


The I See Sam books teach the new words/sounds in a very systematic way and then use the sounds over and over again in the story they are introduced and then again in following strories.


Esp. in the early sets they keep confusing things apart---like b and d, p and q, etc.


These books are almost self teaching. The key for the parent/tutor/instructor is to let the child do the work. You introduce the new sounds and then have the child sound out the new words. If the child misreads a word you take the cursor back and show them the part they got wrong and see if they can self correct. If they don't know the sound, you give it to them and then have them blend the word.


There are also lots of stories at each level so that they get lots of practice before being expected to move on to harder stuff.


I LOVE these books because they are working here. My 12dd has completed the sets. My 13dd is almost done with ARI 4 and she was never supposed to learn to read (cognitive impairment, LDs, and seizures). She is now reading simple chapter books on her own.

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Pearson's QuickReads are recommended, along with I See Sam on the ABeCeDarian yahoo group. I'd really like to know the pros and cons of each. They both look really good. Anyone else?


I've been wondering the same myself. I am using the I See Sam books with my ds8, we are on ARI 1, be careful when ordering this it seems like every site I go to that sells them the set numbers are a little different, always double check with the titles of the book.


Have you been to the author's website for quickreads? Here's a link if you haven't maybel that'll help you some. I'm thinking of using these with my dd9 who is reading at about a third grade level.


I think it is recommended on the yahoo group to use the I See Sam books in levels A & B, and then switch over to quickreads. If you search the group you should be able to find when what is recommanded.



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