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IKEA furniture...re: sofas, etc.

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Holly, we haven't purchased any living room furniture from Ikea, but I did look at quite a few things the last time we were there, and a lot of the sofas looked quite nice. The only thing I found uncomfortable about some of the "sleeker-looking" sofas was that the backs were too low. They looked nice, but when I sat down, I didn't feel cozy at all. Others seemed fine, but I honestly couldn't tell you which ones they were -- we were just browsing, so I wasn't paying that much attention.


You really need to go there and try the furniture for yourself, as I know that when I buy things, it's almost never the stuff that looked so great in the catalog; it's almost always something I didn't even notice until I walked into the store and tried it out!


I've found that the quality of Ikea merchandise can vary quite a bit, but overall, the value seems to be pretty good for the money, and the stores have a ton of stuff to choose from.



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We didn't own it, but lived with Ikea furniture for a year and a half when we lived in Belgium. Great stuff. It held up to my teenagers much better than I had hoped it would.


I'm thinking of buying a futon from them for the game room as a guest bed.

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Has anyone bought living room type furniture from IKEA? I'm wondering if it is comfortable...durable...etc.
And non-toxic. IKEA furniture and mattresses are not treated with PBDE or antimony compounds (though in the US they do use other, less toxic fire retardants in mattresses). Likewise, their particleboard products do not contain formaldehyde based glues.
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