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5th grade Science and Writing suggestions??

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Hi everyone!

Next year my oldest son will be 5th grade! Yikes!! And, I am ready to start a serious Science program which we really haven't done at all. I've never had time and just never thought too much about it. Well, now he is approaching 5th grade and, it's time! I own the Apologia Science books, and we are starting one of those this year to get our 'feet wet'. :thumbup: However, can anyone tell me if they think I'm on the right road? If not, what curriculum might be better? and why?


Also, writing! I know this is huge here! I just discovered WWE! I'm so siked about that, BUT I'm also wondering if a 5th grader is on the older side of that program?? Any thoughts and suggestions on these two areas of study would be GREATLY appreciated! Right now, we are not doing any writing, nor have we, except the writing assignments in Shirley Eng. :rolleyes:


Thanks Ladies!

Bethany blizard

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If your 5th grader hasn't had any science, I would recommend considering a program that covers a broader base than the Apologia books. Perhaps, you could attempt to do more than one book, or supplement with some other unit studies of some sort. I think total immersion has it's strong suits, but only if it's consistently done. My oldest DS (finishing 4th) was in PS for a year and a half, and he did have quite a bit of exposure to different topics. With that in mind, I was comfortable with choosing to do R.E.A.L. Science Chemistry (Pandia Press), and we're supplementing with lots of library books.


As for writing, I use CW Aesop, and I have had no exposure to WWE. I love CW, and I'm very excited about the new Primer book coming out. However, SWB wrote WWE, and that alone tells me that it must be an awesome program.


I hope others chime in!

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BUT I'm also wondering if a 5th grader is on the older side of that program??


Have you seen WWE? There are diagnostic tests in it to figure out where to place your child. A lot of people here are using WWE with their 5th graders and up, because they don't have the skills in it yet. Basically, it teaches your child to put thoughts into words and pick out important info. from reading through narration, and to put those words on paper via copywork and then dictation. Then put those two skills together so the child can narrate his own sentences about a reading selection and write it down himself without forgetting what he was thinking. And making those sentences grammatically correct. If you think your son needs help with this, then he would not be past WWE. You can read some sample chapters of it at Peace Hill Press. It gives you a great overview of the writing process from grades 1 to 12.


Science....I don't use a textbook, I use a "spine" as talked about in WTM, and we read and write about it via WWE skills. We experiment, too, with experiments from books. Peace Hill Press also has a great CD called Science in the Classical Curriculum that gives a great overview of teaching science through the grades. Ds11 also outlines from science reading once a week (but this was after he got good at WWE skills).



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My 5th grader used Rod & Staff Science this year and really liked it. I plan to try Christian Light Education Science with him in the fall.


For writing he is currently using Writing Tales 2 and again he enjoys it. I plan to eventually switch him to Meaningful Composition book 4. I just received it today and it looks really good.


Over the summer I might have him use Writint Trails.


If your interested I wrote a little about some writing programs that I am interested in. You can read about it HERE. I'll add a bit more about MC now that I have it in my hands;)



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My oldest is currently in 4th grade (5th grade next year), like your son. We had not done formal science either. I tried Apologia Botany earlier this year, and it flopped. We have moved to K12, originally for the science aspect, now loving all the subjects. We will stick with it next year, so I recommend looking at K12. :)

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My dd's are finishing up WT2. A friend loaned me Meaningful Composition level4 and 6 this weekend to look it over. Does MC 4 seem to be the right place to start after WT2 or is it alot of repeat?


I think because the program is different from WT2 it would be a good place to start. Since the first 6 lessons are grammar, they can probably be skipped if you dd is good in that area.


I don't think it would be a repeat because it seems to go into more detail about topic sentences, writing paragraphs etc.


It may also depend on were your dd is at in writing. My ds is more at the beginning stage. This is our first year to have done a writing program.


MC 4+ is written for 3-5 grade or higher for remedial. My ds will use it in the fall for his 6th grade year.


I would say if your dd is good in writing to go with the 6+.


I just realized that by the time I am done buying both semesters, it would almost be about the same price for the full language arts program :glare: maybe for 7th grade we'll switch to it:001_huh:




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