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Audiblox---Any one have any experience?


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I have been looking for something to help my dd 15yo with short and long term memory problems. She is in public school and is one of those kids that does all her work, studies and tries very hard, but hardly ever passes a test. She is a model child and has high self esteem.


I have found this program that can be used from prek through adult. It is pricey, but not too bad. It interests me because I could use it with all my kiddo's.


Anyone every used or see the program?



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I used Audiblox with my then 8yo son. He has dyslexia and ADD and just had a terrible time learning anything. I used it at the same time he was getting vision therapy and occupational therapy. During that time he made huge strides. One of the biggest was in reading fluency. He went from extremely dysfluent reading, sounding every last thing out, to reasonably fluent reading in just a few months. Several things clicked around the same time, but I can be sure it was the Audiblox that did it.

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