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Elson Readers

Amber in AUS

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After some advice. My DD is reading really well (4th grade level). I am thinking that the Elson Readers and teacher guide might be a nice addition to our day providing something 'good' for her to read and then some comprehension type things for her to complete after (verbally). I'd like to assign this for independent reading when she turns 5 soon.


So my question, should i place her based on the LA side or the reading ability? I don't think she would bore of the 'easy' primer stories. I don't want to throw her into the deep end asking too much of her on the LA side for say the second or third readers (prob where she would place reading wise).


Also what do they cover? Would it be considered a complete LA if you worked through all the levels or is it really just comprehension?


This wont be the only reading she does, just the only independent, unsupervised reading, so i guess i kind of need to keep it easy. Maybe i have just answered my own question and should just go with the Primer. Anyway would love to hear your thoughts.

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Thanks. The Sing books are excellent!! You might be suprised on shipping as the books are only slim, like a magazine, the whole parcel inc the CD's would be less than 1kg. Your dollar is pretty strong at the moment so I'd look into it.


You hit the nail on the head. I was wondering if the Elson readers would cover grammar or spelling or something else within the LA spectrum, ie replacing that other thing. It is OK that they don't I will still get them but use them for independent reading and maybe not bother with the teacher guide because i will just have her narrate. I guess that is partly what i was trying to work out. If i get the teacher manual what am i covering that we don't already, truth be told probably not much. The readers will provider her with some decent reading material though which is hard to come by at the library, plenty of twaddle there.

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Guest Dulcimeramy

Some of my children use the (older version) McGuffey readers, and some use the Elson Readers.


I never bought the teacher's guides for the Elson books. I just teach copywork, dictation, and narration. Whether McGuffey or Elson, I assign one story each week. I use this format for grades 1 to 6:


Day 1: Read, do copywork. (A sentence for a little one, paragraph for lower elementary, half a page for upper elementary)


Day 2: Spelling and definitions. McGuffey assigns words, but I have to look for the words in Elson.


Day 3: Write the answers to the comprehension questions. Narration: oral for little ones, written for older ones.


Day 4: Dictation, using the copywork from Day 1. Read aloud.


I think we've had good results with this system. My children use Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons, too. Each week they also write one history outline, one history narration, one science summary,and one science lab report.

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We have the Elson 2nd Reader and Teacher's Guide. It covers only what you would find in a reading curriculum. It includes vocabulary, a review of some phonics, reading comprehension, some literary terms such as onomatopoeia, story elements (what the problem and solution are, character, setting), learning about fact and opinion, synonyms and antonyms, homophones, and some grammar mixed in that would compelment a full grammar program, not replace one. There is no spelling.

Hope this helps,


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