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Need bible recs--Obviously CC

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Hi! I would like to find a nice bible for each of my older girls for their Easter baskets. I like the NKJV, and that is what our Pastor tends to use, but I am open to other translations. I got Anna the Faithgirlz Bible last year, but it is not sturdy!! The cat knocked it off the table, and the spine broke. :glare:


Anyway, my girls are 8 and 6. I can get them the same one, or different ones. I have the Spirit Filled Women's Bible, and I wouldn't mind finding a similar one for young girls. I am not looking for a bible story book or devotional; we have plenty of those. :)



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I bought my dd the Adventure Bible also, and we like it very much. We got it for 70% off at Family Christian Stores because they frequently put kids Bibles on the sale table, plus we use the coupons from their mailers and website.


I saw it in NIV and NIRSV. I didn't see NKJV. We got the NIRSV, and it's very easy to read. I read through some passgaes right in the store to make sure the text conveys the corrrect meaning in some key passages. I think the text would be just right for a 6 and 8 yo. It does come in leather or hardback.


Also, it has a few maps in the back, and some historical notes that go along with our ancient history.

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