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Craig's List?

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It's really easy to post on Craigslist. I've sold the ugliest couch ever (seriously, it was rust orange with blue peacocks), a Senseo coffee maker, and a patio table, all within 24 hours of listing. I also purchased my treadmill off of Craigslist.


I'd recommend posting a picture with your listing (I know my Dad & I don't even look at listings without pictures).

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I think it depends on the area. In Philly I had a terrible time, but Phoenix is a hot Craigslist area. I even bought a hot tub out here. I would say, give it a shot for one or two big ticket items and see what kind of response you get. The key is to price well. If I've used the item at all I price it at 50% of new and then go down from there if it is shabby or well-loved. The only exception is a brand new item that was too late to return or whatever and then on a rare occasion I'll go as much as 2/3 of new. My stuff always goes very quickly.



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I wasn't trying to sell this "stuff", just trade or help others. So, how do you go about freecycling? Is that worth it or should I just donate it to Salvation Army or similar?


Donate it. The hassle of Freecycle for little things is tremendous. Even for big things it can be a major hassle.

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I've never bought, sold, traded, whatever on Craig's List and only glanced at in once.


I have about 15 black garbage bags and half dozen boxes of "stuff".


We recently moved to this state and at least in my area yard sales do not do well. Our's was a major flop. In our former state, we actually had lines and year after year had to close early because we were so thinned out it wasn't worth staying open.


Anyway, is it worth the time to go through these bags and try to Craigs list them? I'm not trying to make money off of them, but there are some things we could use, but aren't in the budget right now that I may be able to find on Craigs list myself.


What is the process of Craigs listing? Any tips or suggestions on sorting and posting? What would you do with the "stuff" (books, household, clothing, toys)?


Do you have a local charity that will pick up? Some around here have a run through the neighborhoods once a year.

I know someone who did a "free yard sale". She put everything OUTSIDE the house, and a big sign "everything free", and everything disappeared. In our neck of the woods, people put "free" signs on cabinets, toilets, kids equipment and put them by the side of a well traveled but not main road. These go too, but I have never seen boxes of stuff.

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