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Ideas for bday gift for 45yo sister?

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I always forget her birthday until the day of and email an Amazon gift card. Does anyone have an idea for another gift card that I can email? Thanks!


You know, I always try to think, "What would I like as a gift right now?" if it is for someone with similar tastes and life as me such as a sister. And for me, I am just sick of STUFF. I don't want ANY MORE THINGS in my house. No home decor, no cooking items, I've tried them all and gotten rid of most, no more music cd's or DVD's, I can't fit anymore on my shelves, no more body lotions or stinkie stuff - I have a drawer full....on and on....no more STUFF.


What I DO want is fun times! You couldn't make me happier then giving me a gift cert. to Red Lobster and the movies....oh joy! Or a cert for a massage or mani/ pedi.....how nice! And those gifts should be emailable! Good luck.


ps. I'm 45

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