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MelissaB or others using Excellence in Literature-opinions on this curr.?


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I have had my eye on this curriculum for some time now and I wondered what you think of it?


MelissaB, I noticed this in your curriculum list for language arts. I would love to hear more about it. I have been ready to order it several times.


Here is the site: http://www.everyday-education.com (look under high school literature)


I would use English 1 next year for 7th.


Thanks everyone!!

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My dd 11 has just started the program (still on chapter 1 of level 1,) but I have read through all of the levels available. - Levels I, III (American) and IV (British.) Have you seen the example chapter? The program is really just like that. The only differences with the American and British lit programs are that the writing assignments are a bit more difficult (and longer,) there is more context information available and they follow more of a literary context - neoclassism, romanticism, realism, etc. than Level 1 which focuses more on literature elements (irony, characterization, satire, etc.)


I think the program requires a motivated literature student. There is a lot of reading, and a GREAT deal of context information. It is not expected that the student read it all, but to get the most out of the program it is expected that the student will do a good deal of reading and research.


There aren't any of the things in a standard literature guide - there are no vocabulary terms or chapter summaries or discussion questions or tests. The program assumes the student has covered literary terms and grammar (or she suggests some books to help with that.) The program is written to the student and holds high expectations of the student. For a student that doesn't work well alone (including doing research on the computer or in the library and staying on task as to reading and writing) this would be a very time consuming program for the parent.


For our family, it is just the thing I have been looking for. Literature is one area where I know my oldest two girls will go above and beyond and have the motivation and ability to work alone. Dd 11 has skimmed all three levels and is really excited about using the program. (If only I could get this sort of enthusiasm from her in math and science. :tongue_smilie:)

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Thanks Melissa! I have looked at the sample and that's why I've almost ordered it several times.:001_smile:


Recently I looked at the samples of a Critical Analysis course at CBD and ordered it only to read later that many at the high school board did not like it. I will still use it as a resource and I think there is a lot I can get out of it but I was really kicking myself for not getting some feedback before ordering it. We're on a tight budget right now and I could have bought something else instead of that.:lol:What's worse is that I realized I should have ordered English I and 2 for the same price!!



Oh, well! Thanks for the review. It helps so much.

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I completely understand, I've had to purchase many, many things to find just the right curriculum for our family. :D


It does feel good to know that we have a solid K-8 program that will work for our family and that I really have very little left to order over the next two years. Unfortunately, the eldest child is truly the guinea pig of the family. It is so hard to know just how something is going to work until you've tried it out at home.


If you find you have any specific questions about EIL, just send me a PM and I'll try and answer them.


Best of luck!

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