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SAT II test dates

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Did your dc take the tests in the spring or in the fall? It would be nice just to be finished with it, but reviewing over the entire summer would be beneficial too!


We are doing Biology in June. There is no way that we could do Biology over the summer! We are already sick of it.:D

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My teen did June test dates, I believe, for all three tests that she took. (Different years though.)


She did US History after taking an AP US History class. She did likewise with Latin after taking AP Latin. (Be aware that some tests, such as Latin, are only offered twice each year.) She took the SAT level 2 math test after taking College Algebra and Trigonometry at the local community college. Though she finished those two classes in the spring, she did some review before taking the test in June.




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My oldest ds is planning on May or June dates for Math 2 but he is also considering doing American History. Then doing Physics the fall semester of next school year (his senior year) along with another subject maybe Literature or French since he is continuing with all those subjects.


So is it better to take them on different dates or are multiple (max 2) SAT2s on one date very do-able?




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Just as a FYI-I had my dd take a SAT Biology practice test and she did not do well. So, we have our work cut out for us in terms of studying. I was pretty surprised as our biology program has been very rigorous and she has an "A" in the class. Hopefully it will all come back with some studying.


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